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Triol AK06 Variable Speed Drive (VSD) with 24-pulse input, filtered PWM output, NEMA4X enclosure is designed for controlling and protecting of electric submersible pumping units for crude oil production equipped with electric submersible inductive motors (ESM), permanent magnet motors (PMM) or equivalent, offers enhanced motors performance, reliability and system integration options for electric submersible pumps (ESP’s).


Variable Speed Drive for outdoor application is designed to control and protect electrical surface and submersible motors.

Internal design of VSD has modular construction where the main components are electronic panel, rectifier module, inverter module and built in sinewave filter. This type of drive concept allows four-sided access and fast service time.


• Motor switching on/off;

• Electric motor operation in the following modes: manual (without any capability of the ESM automatic reclosing after protection acting); automatic with a capability of the ESM automatic reclosing (AR) and automatic reclosing by a preset time program;

• Current optimization mode when a preset rpm is reached;

• Operation by a preset time program with ESM ON/OFF periods programmed separately;

• Motor speed manual control using UMKA-03 controller and remote control using a supervisory control console;

• Automatic change of the output frequency by a preset time program;

• ESM smooth acceleration and braking with assigned rate;

• Motor reversal;

• Motor automatic switching on with a controlled time delay when supply voltage is applied;

• Automatic keeping a setpoint for some process parameter (pressure, current or else).

• Electric motor starting modes: swinging, impact start (may be used for unjamming submersible unit), soft start with synchronization. Unjamming features the maximum motor torque at low speed;

• Monitoring of the “cable—ESM” system isolation resistance with ESM switching-off if the resistance is decreased below the admissible level;

• Operation when the “cable—ESM” system isolation resistance is decreased with the fast shutdown in case of overload;

• Measurement of the actual parameters of the submersible pumping unit and VSD and their representation on the UMKA-03 display;

• Motor remote control, monitoring of motor parameters, reading and changing of protection setpoints through a telemetering system using RS-485 interface; control through SCADA system using modem or direct connection (external connections compartment);

• Recording of causes of  ESM switching-on/off and recording the actual parameters into the integrated non-volatile memory during operation;

• Recording of modified setpoints into the event log with date and time of the setpoint change;

• Possibility of downloading a log file with working history to a USB-flash drive;

• Outdoor light alarm system indicating the pumping unit state (run, wait, stop);

• Control of the motor from a submersible device (gauge) with possibility to install surface panel inside a VSD;

• Overload/underload protections, current imbalance protections, protection against unacceptable supply voltage and DC-link high voltage, against continuous low-frequency operation of VSD, against overheating of power switch cooler, and against operation with telemetering parameters beyond the preset limits, all protections may be adjusted in the field;

• Information of the VSD door opening may be transferred to dispatching station through the TMS;

• Measurement of electric energy consumption;

• Backup power to a control system with possibility to power surface control panel of a DME;

• Monitoring for availability of three phases of the power supply. ESM is tripped or its start is disabled if a phase is unavailable;

• Measuring of the VSD input electric power consumption with build in energy meter (optional).

Supply Voltage, V 380/480
Motor types Induction/PMM
Power 480V, kVA/Amp 459/590
Input type 24 pulse
Current, A 590
Supply Fequency 50/60 Hz 60Hz
Enclosure type NEMA4X
Certification CE certified
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel