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Triol Trading LLC shall have good and marketable title to all Products delivered to Buyer, free from and clear of any liens, claims, encumbrances, and Triol Trading LLC is the owner or has the legal right to provide the Goods.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, with regards to raw materials used in manufacturing by Triol Trading LLC, Supplier’s warranties of merchantability or fitness for the purposes intended are excluded.

Any Products repaired or replaced shall be warranted for an additional period equal to the same duration as the Products initially furnished.

If the Goods delivered do not conform to the quality requirements, such Goods shall, in accordance with supplementary agreement, be either subject to replacement, or to repairs. Replacement of the Goods or repairs is carried out on the conditions specified in the additional agreement.

The warranty period for the Goods is equal to 12 months from the delivery date. During the warranty period the Triol Trading LLC shall provide support to the Buyer in handling the technical issues. Where any faults are detected in the products or in the event of their breakdowns during the warranty period, the Buyer shall forthwith notify the Triol Trading LLC.  The Triol Trading LLC shall be entitled to arrive to the Buyer within 30 calendar days to prepare a Non-Conformity Report and to resolve the issue regarding the repair (replacement or repair) of such Goods. The place and time of commissioning can be changed by agreement of the parties. The Triol Trading LLC is obliged to present his decision on participation in the audit within 30 days. In the event of the Supplier’s failure to arrive (it being impossible for the Supplier to arrive), the Buyer shall be entitled to unilaterally prepare the Non-Conformity Report, which shall then serve as a basis for the replacement of the Goods or shall be entitled to carry out the repair.

All actions for warranty service (repair or replacement) are carried out on the basis of additional agreement signed by the Triol Trading LLC and Buyer.